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What Summer means for your Solar

It’s officially Summertime here in Australia which is great news for solar homeowners. Solar homeowners can benefit from their systems producing more energy throughout Summer thanks to longer days and more sunlight hours. Here’s what the longer days and warmer weather will mean for your solar.   Longer days and more sunshine With more daylight […]


South Australian Home Battery Scheme Update

The South Australian Home Battery Scheme (HBS) gives South Australian households’ access to affordable solar energy systems by providing a subsidy towards the cost of a solar battery. This means eligible homeowners can receive up to $4,000 off the cost of a solar battery. The subsidy is available to all eligible South Australian homeowners; however, […]

A guide to solar battery storage

Want to know the ins and outs of home solar battery storage? Keep reading to find out. Solar batteries defined A solar battery is a storage unit that stores energy generated by rooftop solar panels. Solar batteries allow homeowners to store their excess energy rather than send it to the grid. The benefit of solar […]

Is the company you’re dealing with ISO 9001 certified?

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) are a group of professionals who work together to provide companies with worldwide standards they can use to enhance their management systems. Amongst the many standards the ISO have published, ISO 9001 is the most recognised quality management standard in the world. What exactly does ISO 9001 certification mean? […]

Why should I install a solar battery in South Australia?

More than 2 million Aussie homes are enjoying the benefits of rooftop solar systems and the average homes system size is continuing to grow. More than 20% of Australian homes are taking advantage of solar energy to power their appliances, helping to reduce their energy bills. Adding a storage battery can make your solar PV […]

Blackout protection

With summer not far away, frequent 35-degree days will increase the likelihood of blackouts. If you have a solar storage battery fitted with blackout protection, you can secure your households energy supply. South Australian households need their electricity. In winter we power our heaters, in summer our air-conditioning, and let’s not forget about Wi-Fi all […]