Spring is an excellent time for South Australians to install solar. With a scorching hot summer ahead there’ll be plenty of long days and sunshine to take advantage of helping households reduce their bills with solar power. Here are a few of the reasons why now is a great time to install solar in South Australia.


Beat the summer rush

Summer is a great time for solar energy as the longer days provide extra sunshine to generate electricity. This makes summer extremely popular for solar installations as households look to take advantage of the conditions and reduce their energy bills. By installing now, you can make sure that your household beats the summer rush and is ready to start saving on electricity by the time summer comes around.

Reduce high summer electricity bills

Installing solar can help to reduce your bills by offsetting your electricity usage and power drawn from the grid. With hot conditions ahead Australian households will be powering air conditioning, appliances and electronics with more of the household home throughout the summer resulting in a higher power bill. By utilising solar power, you can power these appliances with generated solar power and gain credits for excess fed back into the grid.

Make the most of your solar power with a storage battery

To make the most of the solar power your solar PV system produces, households often combine a solar storage battery to use your generated electricity at peak times instead of sending it back to the grid for less than you buy it for. By installing a storage battery combined with blackout protection, you can also safeguard your household from blackouts which are far more prevalent in summer.  

If you’ve been considering making the switch to solar, now’s the time to install. Spend your summer relaxing knowing you’re set up to take advantage of long summer days. To learn more about installing a rooftop solar system or solar battery give us a call on 1300 70 71 72.