With summer not far away, frequent 35-degree days will increase the likelihood of blackouts. If you have a solar storage battery fitted with blackout protection, you can secure your households energy supply.

South Australian households need their electricity. In winter we power our heaters, in summer our air-conditioning, and let’s not forget about Wi-Fi all year round. With technology improving all the time, households are developing an even greater reliance on electricity whether it’s to stream the latest series or to check the weather on your smart fridge. With so many households relying heavily on gadgets and devices, the risk of blackouts poses a significant threat to the modern-day lifestyle.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a hotter than average end to the year for Australia in 2019*. With the mercury set to rise, so will electricity usage as people get home from work and use high voltage appliances such as the air conditioner. In times where demand gets too high for supply, forced blackouts can be necessary due to the system being at risk leaving your home without power. The risk of blackouts in summer also goes up due to other factors such as storms, blown fuses or overheating. The solution to securing energy supply during blackout periods- installing a solar battery.   

Solar homeowners have started to take control of their energy usage by producing their own power. However, during a blackout they’re also left in the dark without power just like everyone else. While the sun may still be shining, solar PV systems need a functioning inverter to work, and this inverter requires electricity to power the system. Solar storage batteries have completely changed the way Australian households utilise their solar. By storing electricity produced during the day, storage batteries allow households to use that energy later. Being able to use a storage battery at peak times when electricity is the most expensive enables households to be independent from the grid and reduce their bills.

Storage batteries with blackout protection provide essential appliances with continuous power during a blackout. This can allow you to keep important appliances like the refrigerator, Wi-Fi and lights running during a power outage so that you can sit back and relax not having to worry about heatwaves or storms affecting your power supply.

In order to be eligible for the subsidy in South Australia, only Clean Energy Council Approved Retailers can install your system.

South Australia is subject to extreme weather conditions in all parts of the country, and with a hot summer forecast for 2019, blackouts are likely to become more frequent. You can safeguard your home from the threat of blackouts by installing a solar storage battery.