Households throughout Australia are making the switch to solar energy with many residents adding solar storage batteries to their rooftop solar systems. A storage battery can help to optimise existing rooftop solar systems and with State Government subsidies, now’s a great time to buy. If you’re going to invest in solar batteries, you’ll want to be confident that what you’re buying will do the right job for your home, so here’s some information on solar batteries to make things easier.

How does a solar battery work?

A solar PV system has solar panels which convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity. This DC electricity flows into an inverter which converts the electricity into Alternating Current (AC) to be used by appliances throughout your home. Solar batteries can be added to an existing solar PV system to store excess energy produced through the day, to then be used at a more suitable time. Being able to use the charged battery during peak times like the morning or evening when electricity prices are highest, goes a long way to reducing the amount you pay for electricity.

Power outages

In the event of a blackout, if your home is grid-tied (which most are) your inverter will not be powered. The inverter is a critical part of a solar system, so without a functioning inverter your solar will not be operating. Backup solutions are available for households to continue using a battery’s supply if power is lost from the grid. This can help to provide power to essential appliances such as your lights, fridge and wi-fi to keep you going during a power outage.


The Clean Energy Council is the peak industry body for clean energy in Australia. By maintaining a voluntary code of conduct, accredited installers and retailers demonstrate their commitment to solar industry best practice. When purchase a solar battery from a CEC accredited retailer, you can relax knowing your solar installation has been set up by industry professionals providing a high quality, reliable and safe solar PV system.

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