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The all-in-one home energy storage solution

Energizer Homepower is an intelligent energy storage system that will transform the way you utilise your solar energy.

  • Modern design coupled with cutting-edge technology
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and all- weather conditions
  • Backup protection ready
Energizer® HomePower

Built-in intelligence at your fingertips

The Energizer Homepower Software allows you to control your energy usage and solar production from anywhere around the world. Become more energy independent and make important lifestyle or financial decisions in real-time, anytime.

  • 24 x 7 energy management through Energizer Homepower App available on iOS, Android and the Web
  • Charge off the grid when prices are low, discharge when prices are high to maximise savings
  • In the event of a blackout, your Energizer Homepower battery has you covered
  • Virtual Power Plant enabled to allow energy trading