Here in Australia, we’re lucky enough to have an abundance of sunshine which can provide more than six billion years of power. This makes going solar an obvious choice in an increasingly energy-dependent world, where the savings to your household and the environment are impossible to ignore. Give yourself a break from increasing energy bills and go solar today with a PV Solar Solution from SouthAus Solar Batteries.

Solar Panels

We offer several package sizes to suit any home, so you can choose an investment that matches your energy consumption patterns as well as your budget with our large range of solar panels.

Batteries Animated

Solar Batteries

Most homes are not occupied during the day and therefore use the bulk of their energy in the evening. A battery stores the excess energy that you collect when the sun is shining ready to use at night.

Energy Management

Solar energy management software allows you to see what’s happening on your roof without having to get up there! You can rest easy knowing that your system is operating as it should.

PV Solar

Solar Storage



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