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We are running a pilot program for our new, revolutionary energy plan that will aim to enable participants to sell their solar battery power at a premium price during peak demand periods. We are aiming for these premium prices to be much higher than the standard feed-in tariff rates most homeowners receive for selling it back to the grid.

As part of our pilot program launch, we’re offering a substantial discount on one of the eligible solar battery systems for a limited number of units in participating states.

Not only are we aiming to allow you to be able to trade your energy during peak demand periods, but you will also be able to use the energy stored in your solar battery to use at night for free, rather than buying it from the grid!

How will it work?

On days of peak-power demand (like when there is a heatwave and everyone wants to use their aircon at the same time), there is too much demand on the grid for energy which they can’t supply. These events can trigger the cost of energy to spike to a premium price on the energy market in order to be able to supply to the public.

This is where you come in.

As part of the energy plan, you will join a community of like-minded solar homeowners with solar batteries, creating a solar energy power plant, with the capabilities of powering homes (similar to how coal-powered plants do).

When these peak trade events happen, we will sell your stored energy on your behalf, at sometimes over 10-20 times the standard feed-in tariffs currently offered, making you much more money!

Don’t worry though, we won’t use all of your power! We will still keep reserve power in your battery for you to use, ensuring you are always better off as part of the energy plan.

Our energy plan rollout is proceeding despite minor delays due to COVID-19, with a Q3 launch confidently expected.

Products Available

Tesla Powerwall 2

General FAQs

Why a pilot program?

These types of energy plans (also known as Virtual Power Plants) are part of the transition of the Australian electricity network moving away from coal towards renewable technologies that ultimately aim to save the consumers money. It’s not uncommon for facilitators to undertake trial programs as part of establishing critical mass for these virtual power plants.

To be able to pass on the maximum savings on your electricity bill using the renewable technology, we require a critical mass of participants to ensure we can access all potential revenue streams in the electricity market.

This pilot program is a critical part of our research and development pipeline. It will allow us to hit critical mass faster, meaning customers can access the savings faster too.

What is the substantial discount?

The substantial discount varies depending on the product that your home qualifies for. On top of this, we have included $1,990 worth of additional benefits around the servicing and monitoring of the battery and original solar system for 5 years. Ensuring that the maximum amount of energy is being produced and traded at all times when connected to the energy plan.

How will I benefit from this?

Our system uses unique intelligent control software that monitors your solar and energy usage 24/7. It is actually looking at 42 points of data every 5 minutes and is fine tuning how your system should work for you to make the most out of your investment, saving you more money on your energy bills!

Energy plans that access the open energy market have shown they can provide customers with the ability to sell their stored power for up to 10-20 times what you can currently receive for it.

What is the difference between your energy plan and a virtual power plant?

Our energy plan offering is the same concept as a Virtual Power Plant. We have simplified the name and communication to make it easier to understand.

When will the energy plan go live?

We are aiming to have the energy plan live in Q3, 2020.

Our sister company has been working behind the scenes for the past two and a half years through various trials to get to this point, and are very excited to be at the final stage before launch. This is a brand new, revolutionary product we are providing, which is why we are offering a substantial discount on the product for the first participants to enter the program.

Why do you have to run through the suitability questions before giving me a price?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a price without first establishing your suitability for one of the products in the Energy Plan Pilot Program along with essential installation factors that will determine the accurate price for an installation at your property.

Not every home qualifies for a solar battery and to participate in the Energy Plan Pilot Program, nor are the installation factors the same, therefore we must step through some simple qualification questions to establish the suitability of the product for every household.

I’m an existing customer, can I participate in the energy plan?

To receive the full benefits of the Energy Plan, customers will be required to have a battery installed.

Once the energy plan is launched Q3 2020, we will offer access to the energy plan at no charge to customers who took part in earlier programs, pending their suitability to participate.

What is the substantial discount?

The substantial discount varies depending on the product that your home qualifies for. These discounts are on the usual price we have sold these products for prior to the launch of this pilot program. On top of this, we have included $1,990 worth of additional benefits around the servicing and monitoring of the battery and original solar system for 5 years. Ensuring that the maximum amount of energy is being produced and traded at all times when connected to the energy plan.

What is the warranty period?

Depending on the product you choose, the product warranty period is between 5 and 10 years. We do have options to purchase an extended warranty should you wish. Any warranties you are entitled to under Australian Consumer Law will also apply.

Does this program comply with all relevant Australian consumer laws and consumer rights and protection?

This program has been reviewed by trade practice lawyers, to ensure the program meets all the requirements of Australian Consumer Law and all facets of consumer protection and consumer rights.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! We have many customers who prefer to enter into a payment plan. These programs are offered through third party payment providers and more information can be provided upon enquiry.

What information do you collect on me?

As part of the eligibility assessment, we may ask information about your energy usage and solar system in order to check you meet the criteria to participate.

Further to this, the intelligent control software will give us the ability to monitor the performance of your system and make ongoing recommendations on how to further reduce your energy costs. You will also have access to this information via the portal.

Will the information you collect be shared with anyone else? How can households be sure of their privacy?

SouthAus Solar does not disclose any personal information to any third parties, in line with our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. This can be viewed here

Your letter mentions 10-20 times the standard feed-in tariff at times. What does this mean?

Our Energy Plan will be operating on a Virtual Power Plant model. That means, we will be selling your stored energy in the battery on the open energy market when demand is high, allowing you to sell your energy at times for 10-20 times the current standard feed in tariff.

For example, if you usually sell your energy back to the grid for 11 cents per kWh, you could sell it back at times for $2.50 per kWh. It’s worth noting that we will only do this when it is a financial benefit to you to sell it back at higher rates than what you pay for electricity. And, when the energy price is low or dips into negative (as has happened recently in South Australia) we will still pay you the minimum feed-in tariff. So, we give you plenty of up-side but no down-side.

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