Solar energy management software allows you to see what’s happening on your roof without having to get up there! You can rest easy knowing that your system is operating as it should.

What you get from energy management software:

  • User-friendly integration
  • Real-time consumption levels of your household
  • Real-time solar generation levels of your system
  • Daily, monthly and yearly reporting on the efficiency and productivity of your system
  • Access via your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer
  • Direct insight into your energy usage
  • Easy to understand reporting and graphs

Here at SouthAus Solar Batteries we offer a range of energy monitoring software. This software lets you view in real time your solar production, usage, and imports/exports so that you will never again be at the mercy of your energy retailer’s figures. Available on most platforms, you will finally have control and data at your fingertips.

Eveready® app

EVEREADY® Energy Vault

Eveready has developed both an online portal and a mobile app to help you monitor everything about your home solar storage. Whether you’re a techie guru needing to adjust and monitor every aspect of your solar system, or just a curious user needing to know when and where your power usage is being used, the Eveready® Energy Vault Monitoring System can give you peace-of-mind knowing your system is running the way you want it to. Every Day. Every Night.


The SEAM gateway provides energy usage insights, remote update capabilities, load management, and enables smart grid functionalities. SEAM is a supercharged energy monitor that talks to our cloud and then calculates dashboards, reports & insights.

SEAM Solar
Enphase App

Enphase Enlighten

Track and share your solar system’s health, solar production and data all from one user-friendly interface available on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


Seamlessly integrated with your Tesla Powerwall, the Tesla App gives you complete analysis of your home. By monitoring your solar generation, battery power flow and household consumption from your mobile device, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is powered by intelligent technology.

Sungrow App

Sungrow – SolarInfo Moni App

With powerful access from your smart device, SolarInfo Moni provides you with around-the-clock information on your solar system. Stay connected with your solar system by tracking your PV energy generation, exports to the grid, consumption and solar battery charge with an easy-to-use interface.

SolarEdge Monitoring

Stay connected to your home solar system with clear information from your smart device. With exceptional visibility of your solar system’s technical and financial performance through interactive charts, you can have peace of mind that you understand the performance of your solar system.

SolarEdge App