Friday 28th February marks the annual Schools Clean Up Day. This is a great opportunity to inspire students about the impact pollution has on their local environment.

A study conducted by The National Environmental Protection Council shows consistent evidence that air pollution is associated with respiratory health effects in children. Poor air quality is also linked to decreased academic performance.

Schools can do their part to help Clean Up the air

By switching to renewable energy, you’ll be able to produce energy that doesn’t pollute the air leading to a healthier community.

More schools are making the shift to renewable energy because it provides cost savings whilst also teaching young students about the environment and sustainability.

The benefits of solar energy

There are many benefits to installing solar energy:

  • Long term cost savings: Your electricity needs can be covered by the solar energy you produce, therefore reducing costs on your energy bills
  • Reputation: It shows your community you are committed to a good cause
  • Take advantage of incentives: Rebates based on Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) offer attractive discounts to help with the cost of installing solar
  • Environmental: Better air quality in your area leads to healthier and happier students

Whether you want to install solar on your home or at your school, you’ll be making a positive impact on the environment (and your energy bills!).

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