A solar system is essentially a live power station on your roof, exposed to the harsh Australian conditions over a prolonged period. Servicing of your system annually by a qualified technician maintains its longevity and the safety of your household. A service is also a requirement for most home and contents insurance premiums as there have been cases of damage to property due to solar systems not being kept up to current standards.

Here is why you should get your solar system serviced:

Australian Standards – High Australian standards means that your system will be kept up to date with peak regulatory body standards

Product Recalls – if any component has been recalled in the past, we can help with product replacements

Safety – Prevention of any faults that may occur to keep your home running safely

Hazard – Protection against any possible or current fault to prevent hazardous situations

Efficiency – Maintaining peak efficiency so you can generate more solar for your home to use

Expert Advice – All of our technicians have been expertly trained to ensure that you only receive the best and most thorough advice on your solar system

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