Australia’s uptake of solar has been incredibly strong with most Australian homeowners pursuing a lower bill and a reduced impact on the environment. Most can benefit straight away without any additional effort, but chances are if you’re producing your own solar energy, you’ll want to ensure you’re making the most of it. Here are a few simple tips that can help you to further reduce your energy bills with solar.

Understanding your consumption

A great starting point when installing solar is to understand your household’s consumption habits and power used by your appliances. This can make it easier to gain an understanding of what appliances to run and when, giving yourself the best opportunity to get maximum benefit from your solar.

Use high voltage appliances during the day

Using high voltage appliances during the day will help to further reduce your energy bill by powering them with your own produced electricity. Common culprits for increasing electricity usage are often dish washers, washing machines, dryers and stove tops. These large appliances can often be combined with timers so they can run during the day ensuring they utilise your generated electricity. By using large appliances during the day, you can maximise your produced solar energy to help save even more money.

Stagger your usage

When planning the usage of high voltage appliances, it’s best to stagger their running times throughout the day ensuring they use your solar instead of grid energy. This will allow for appliances like the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher to be run without the peak electricity usage exceeding the amount of power generated by your system. If it’s a cloudy or rainy day and your system won’t produce as much power as it normally would so it can help to delay their use until a sunnier day.

Add a solar battery

Although excess power produced by a rooftop solar system is sent to the grid for payment via a feed-in tariff, it is recommended that households try to take full advantage of their surplus of power produced. By installing a solar battery, houses can make the most of their produced solar by storing excess during the day to be used at night when electricity prices are often more expensive. To learn more about adding a solar battery to your system call 1300 70 71 72.