With almost a third of South Australian dwellings having installed solar panels, it’s no wonder why more are turning to solar battery storage.

Solar battery storage, like its namesake, stores solar energy. It is the excess energy that would have otherwise gone into the grid, instead stored in a battery to use when the sun goes down.

This helps to reduce dependence on the grid, minimise spend on energy and helps you use more of your solar.

Solar battery storage technology is currently at its peak capability, with the ability to supply power to households in the event of a blackout.

Blackout protection is an essential element of your solar battery system, to protect your household during a grid outage.

With so many regular outages, it puts an immense strain on households and businesses alike – virtually pausing your lifestyle until the lights come back on.

Protect yourself from blackouts and reduce your spend on energy with a solar battery today.

Out team of solar professionals will take the time with you to understand your energy usage patterns, and make sure your battery fits what you need – and not your neighbours’!

Each house uses energy differently, so it is important your battery suits the way you use energy.