If you’re building a new house or want to upgrade your current home with solar panels, it’s handy to know which direction can produce optimal solar production results. Keep reading to learn which solar panel direction may be best for you.

Which direction should my solar panels face?

The answer to this question depends on many factors such as what time you are home, how shaded your roof is and how high your energy consumption is. We’ll speak about the general factors of each direction below:


In South Australia, north facing panels will typically produce the most solar energy overall. If you’re home during the day, north facing solar panels are more than likely going to deliver the most benefit. This is because you’ll use solar energy directly as its being produced. By using the majority of your solar during the day, you can greatly lower your energy bill.


West facing panels are a good option for people who are away from home in the morning and during the day, however, spend most of their time at home during the afternoon. West facing panels generally produce the most solar energy between 1:30pm and before the sun sets so homeowners who can run their large appliances in this timeframe may see the most benefit.


East facing panels are the opposite to west facing panels. They generally produce the most solar energy in the morning hours. If you use most of your electricity during the morning and like to run your heater when you wake up, then east facing solar panels could be the right direction for you.


South facing panels can produce results but out of all four directions, south facing will typically produce less solar energy than north facing panels. The direction your solar panels face depends on a range of factors, and to get an accurate idea of which solution suits you best, it’s advised to speak with a solar specialist.

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