PV Panels

The cost of energy has skyrocketed, causing more households to stress when they receive their energy bills.

Almost a third of South Australians have installed solar on the rooftops, and it’s not just because it’s more affordable than ever.

By generating your own power, you will reduce your spend on energy, by using your own energy, rather than importing all of it from the grid.

The way solar panels work is pretty-easy to understand:

  1. Solar panels capture the energy from the sun, this will be Direct Current (DC) energy
  2. The energy is transmitted through conduit to a central inverter, and the energy is converted in Alternating Current (AC) energy. AC energy is low-voltage and safe to use in households and businesses.
  3. Any surplus/excess energy is fed into the grid, or a solar battery (if installed)
  4. When there is a high energy demand, energy is drawn from the grid

Benefits of solar power in South Australia

We are in a perfect location to generate household energy, to save from purchasing this from the grid. The benefits of solar panels are:

  • Low maintenance
    • Products that are built to last under the most extreme conditions, stress-tested to ensure it will withstand surprise weather conditions
  • Reduced energy bill
    • Instead of paying for the energy, use your own free energy. Using less power from the grid translating into a lower energy bill
  • Use clean energy

Solar is the green solution; no greenhouse gases are emitted when they are generating energy for your household. Reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.