South Australia is leading the charge in Australia’s switch to renewable energy, shifting faster than any other state or territory. Having set ambitious renewable energy targets to reach by 2030, South Australia have shown throughout 2019 they’re well on track.

In 2019, South Australia earned the country’s top spot in Australia’s renewable energy race, generating more than half of their electricity from wind and solar as well as setting a target of net 100% renewable energy in the 2030s. The Climate Council’s renewable energy report for 2019 show SA in front with 51.8% renewable electricity and 35% of households with solar installed, closely followed closely by the ACT and Tasmania*.

(Source: Climate Council)

South Australia has been at the forefront of Australia’s transition to renewable energy with their uptake of rooftop solar and solar storage options. Already this summer season there have been several days where the South Australian demand for electricity has been met entirely by wind and solar. Other states and territories such as New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory have been making slow progress but could be doing much more.

(Source: Climate Council)

South Australia has invested heavily into household battery storage which has helped the state to see these renewable energy achievements. The State Government’s Home Battery Scheme is available to 40,000 South Australian households to make the installation of a solar storage battery even more accessible. The Scheme provides South Australian residents with access to $100 million in State Government Subsidies, giving $500 per kilowatt hour of battery storage purchased and $600 for energy concession holders providing up to $6,000 off the purchase of a storage battery.