South Australian families have been turning to solar and storage batteries to help reduce their energy bills and leave more money in their pockets. South Australia is one of the leading states in Australia for solar, with more than one-third of households having installed rooftop solar. South Australia generated 51.2% of its electricity from renewable energy in 2018, a substantial improvement from 43.4% in 2017. So why have South Australian families been turning to solar and batteries?

Save money/increase property value

Families have been turning to solar in South Australia as it presents a very achievable and realistic way to reduce household energy bills. By installing a rooftop solar system, households can produce their own electricity to use during the day when the sun is shining rather than drawing from the grid. By using high power appliances during the day when the system is producing electricity, households can draw less power from the grid, leading to a lower power bill.

Government incentives

South Australian’s have also been investing heavily in household battery storage thanks to the State Government’s Home Battery Scheme. The Home Battery Scheme can provide households with up to $6,000 off the purchase of a storage battery, saving $500 per Kilowatt hour of storage purchased ($600 for energy concession holders). Storage batteries work with a rooftop solar to further reduce energy bills by utilising energy produced during the day at night when electricity rates are often higher.

Environmental impact

Solar panels generate clean, renewable electricity from the power of the sun that benefits the environment. By going solar, households can reduce demand for fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions and shrink their carbon footprint. If we were able to capture just one hours’ worth of sun hitting the earth, we would have enough energy to power the earth for an entire year. By investing in solar we can start to utilise our most abundant resource and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.