The South Australian Home Battery Scheme (HBS) gives South Australian households’ access to affordable solar energy systems by providing a subsidy towards the cost of a solar battery. This means eligible homeowners can receive up to $4,000 off the cost of a solar battery.

The subsidy is available to all eligible South Australian homeowners; however, energy concession holders can access a higher subsidy. This ensures that low-income households are also supported if they would like to access the Scheme.


Why did the subsidy decrease?

When the South Australian Home Battery Scheme launched in October of 2018, homeowners could take advantage of up to $6,000 towards the price of a solar battery. To ensure the Scheme meets its objective of issuing 40,000 subsidies, the South Australian Government decreased the subsidy to $4,000 in April 2020 and will continue to decrease the subsidy as the uptake of the scheme increases over time.


Current HBS rates

Energy concession holder $400 per kWh
All other households $300 per kWh
Maximum subsidy per battery installation $4,000



Why install a solar battery?

Solar batteries allow you to store unused electricity generated by your solar system during the day, for your own use later. This extends the capabilities of your system to have it working harder for you. When your rooftop solar is no longer producing power, your house can start running off your own stored electricity instead of relying on the grid. So why live at the mercy of the grid when you can keep the solar you generate for yourself?

Don’t wait for the Subsidy to drop again. Secure yourself a full $4,000 subsidy to dramatically decrease your pay-back period and start saving big on your energy bills. Click here to read about Phil from Hackam in South Australia who took advantage of the Home Battery Scheme and reduced his grid consumption by 72% with a solar battery.

To learn more about a solar battery for your property to reduce your grid consumption, call SouthAus Solar on 1300 70 71 72.