Philip from Hackam, South Australia made the call to switch to solar energy wanting to escape the ever-rising cost of electricity. Philip installed a 4kW rooftop solar system including 14 panels at his home in 2019, helping him to begin saving on his electricity bills.

Philip wanted to take further advantage of his rooftop solar and find out about benefitting from the Home Battery Scheme (HBS). After receiving a letter from SouthAus Solar, Philip contacted one of our solar specialists to develop a solution to help him achieve his goals and reduce his electricity bills.

After analysing Philip’s home energy requirements, we recommended the installation of an 8.7kW Hive solar battery to complement his 4kW Solar PV system for which he could also receive a $4,200 rebate thanks to the Home Battery Scheme. Philip was pleased with the suggestion and we locked in a date for our technicians to visit his property and install the solar battery.

A couple of months after installation, we followed up with Philip to see how his installation was performing. During our phone call, we were pleased to hear that Philip had already been able to greatly reduce his energy consumption from the grid, decreasing it by 72.17% compared to the same time last year. 

Here’s what Philip had to say following his completed installation.

No problems, SouthAus Solar was great, explained all the system and the download app gives me instant reports directly to my phone wherever I am located.”

Would Philip recommend SouthAus Solar to others?

“Yes 100%, good information and good technicians doing a fantastic installation.”

To learn more about a solar battery for your property to start saving on your electricity like Philip, call SouthAus Solar on 1300 70 71 72