The South Australian Home Battery Scheme subsidy is set to decrease by $2,000

The South Australian Home Battery Scheme subsidy will be reducing on 15 April 2020 by $2,000. At the present time, eligible homeowners can access up to $6,000 towards the cost of a solar battery. When the subsidy decreases in April, homeowners…

South Australia leads the way in renewable energy

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South Australia is leading the charge in Australia’s switch to renewable energy, shifting faster than any other state or territory. Having set ambitious renewable energy targets to reach by 2030, South Australia have shown throughout 2019…

How we are helping South Australians reduce their energy bills

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Can solar reduce your energy bills? Absolutely it can. Here at SouthAus Solar, we’re helping customers in South Australia achieve energy bill savings by reducing their grid dependence. Keep reading to learn how you can save on your electricity…

Smart meters and why you need one

What is a smart meter? A smart meter is an electronic device that digitally measures your energy use. It can measure both the total energy being imported and exported to the grid and it then reports those numbers back to your energy provider…