Ready for seamless integration into your existing solar panel system? Powerwall comes with a built-in inverter, is compact and stackable, and allows you to take control of powering your home. Storing solar power for use when the sun goes down, Powerwall also provides backup power during supply outages.

Beautiful, Compact & Intelligent

Easy to install, set up and aesthetically designed, Powerwall is a completely automated, revolutionary solar battery for your home and business.

Power With or Without Solar

Store power produced by your solar system or operate independently, charging during off peak times, for more effective use and control of your power when you need it.

Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2 RRP $14,999* Includes standard metropolitan installation. Additional costs may apply.

Maximise your solar

Before sending your excess solar power back into the grid, Powerwall stores it for your household use at night so you use more of your solar.

Backup your home

Keeping your necessities – lights, Wi-Fi and refrigerator – running during a power outage, Powerwall offers peace of mind when needed most.

Control your energy from anywhere

Seamlessly monitor your solar and Powerwall via the Tesla App anytime, anywhere. Ensure you are efficiently using your energy, even if you’re not at home and ensure you are making the most of your solar and battery investment.