The future of energy is here – and you’re part of it!

SouthAus Solar Batteries has partnered with Members Energy to give you access to the innovative scheme they have created to maximise the financial viability of household solar with battery storage.

Through its Solar + Battery Members Plan, Members Energy pools the stored energy from a number of interconnected residential solar and battery systems. This creates what’s known as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) which, like a traditional power plant, has the capacity to supply energy to other households and businesses.

However, rather than simply selling the energy whenever it’s available, the Members Energy Solar + Battery Members Plan is set up to time their trading of your stored energy for times of peak demand. This means that they sell at a higher price, whenever possible.

On days of peak demand, when everyone wants to use their aircon at the same time, it costs more to generate and supply the additional energy needed to meet that demand. That results in significant spikes in the wholesale cost of energy. Members Energy is then in a position to sell your stored energy on your behalf at many times the standard feed-in tariffs.

Members Energy takes care of all billing, optimises the financial benefit for everyone in the VPP, and ensure that your battery always has some energy stored for your own use.

It’s a win-win-win for you, as you’re assured of a guaranteed minimum feed-in tariff as well as having access to your own energy supply, while maximising the return on any excess energy you sell to other consumers through the Virtual Power Plant.

* Not available in Western Australia, Northern Territory or the Ergon Energy Distribution Network in Queensland

How does a VPP work? Watch this video explainer below.

What solar batteries are eligible for the program?

Eligible Batteries

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Who is Members Energy?

Members Energy is a community of like-minded solar owners building Australia’s future with renewable energy.
With our next-generation Solar + Battery Members Plan you can access the energy market to maximise the money you make from your solar.

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