It’s officially Summertime here in Australia which is great news for solar homeowners. Solar homeowners can benefit from their systems producing more energy throughout Summer thanks to longer days and more sunlight hours. Here’s what the longer days and warmer weather will mean for your solar.


Longer days and more sunshine

With more daylight hours and solar production during the day, households are recommended to shift high-energy consumption from the evening into daylight hours. This means ensuring daytime usage of high voltage appliances like washing machines or pool pumps to take full advantage of generated solar power. If you know you’re going to be out of the house and your appliances can be run on a timer, you should plan to have them run their cycle during the day if you’re not home.

Remember to regularly service your solar system – ask us for advice.

Servicing your solar

It’s important to service your system to ensure it’s running efficiently to give you peace of mind that it’s free of any faults. An important part of maintenance is cleaning. If your panels have built-up debris from the winter months they might not be getting as much sunlight, in turn not generating as much power. Even a build-up of dirt can lead to a reduction in power production. For more information about a service of your system fill out a form on our contact page.

Offsetting your electricity with solar + battery

The warmer summer months are particularly ideal for households with a rooftop (PV) solar system & solar battery. Rooftop solar systems produce more electricity over summer and combined with a solar battery can store electricity to use at night when the sun goes down, allowing households to draw less electricity from the grid. With more occupants in the home due to the COVID-19 epidemic, consumption throughout summer could be even higher than normal so solar and battery will be especially effective in offsetting high electricity bills*.



Don’t be caught in a blackout – install a solar battery.


Blackouts often become more frequent throughout summer due to extreme weather and high demand for electricity. A great way to combat the effects of blackouts is with a solar battery fitted with blackout protection. Blackout protection can work by using energy stored in your solar battery to provide your home with power to essential appliances in the event of a blackout.

To learn more about a service for your rooftop solar or storage solution for your property call SouthAus Solar on 1300 70 71 72.