More than 2 million Aussie homes are enjoying the benefits of rooftop solar systems and the average homes system size is continuing to grow. More than 20% of Australian homes are taking advantage of solar energy to power their appliances, helping to reduce their energy bills. Adding a storage battery can make your solar PV even more efficient by storing excess power produced during the day. As well making your solar PV system more efficient, the South Australian Governments’ Home Battery Scheme has also made the purchase of solar batteries even more affordable.

Under the South Australian Governments Home Battery Scheme, 40,000 South Australian households can receive a subsidy to assist with the cost of installing a solar battery. Standard households can receive $500 per kWh of battery storage and energy concession households can receive $600 per kWh up to a maximum payment of $6000 per battery. Households can also apply for a low-rate loan to further assist with purchase and installation of a solar battery.

Once a storage battery is added to a solar PV system, excess electricity produced during the day can be stored, allowing households to optimise their energy usage. Furthermore, storage batteries also offer the option to be re-filled during off peak times (like in the early AM), to get a low rate for the electricity you pay for.