World Meteorological Day takes place each year on 23 March. Since 1950, the World Meteorological Organisation has been showcasing topical weather, climate or water-related issues. This year’s theme is Climate & Water, which brings to light the challenges we’re facing surrounding our climate and the impact it has on our water supplies.

How climate change is affecting water

The World Meteorological Organisation reports that human-induced climate change has a major effect on water. Due to the rising temperature of the earth, the hydrological cycle is speeding up therefore causing water to evaporate at an increased rate. With more evaporation, there’s more precipitation however, precipitation rates are not evenly distributed around the world.

This leads to certain areas of the earth receiving heavier than usual rain, causing mass flooding and other areas receiving little to no rain, causing extensive droughts. This is all in response to our changing climate.

How solar energy can help

By making the switch to solar and reducing your carbon footprint, you can help reduce emissions created by fossil fuels that cause global warming. As solar energy is a natural renewable source of power, it doesn’t harm the earth.

Not only does solar energy help to reduce issues we see with our climate, it also helps to reduce your energy bills! As an independent solar energy user, you can reduce your dependence on the grid and take control of your energy bill.

South Australian solar incentives available

If you’ve been considering making the switch to solar or adding a solar battery, there’s no better time than now. The South Australian Home Battery Scheme provides eligible homeowners with a subsidy of up to $6,000 towards the cost of a solar battery.

The government subsidy is decreasing to $4,000 on 15 April, so if you want to secure the full amount, you’ll need to be quick!

SouthAus Solar is your local solar specialist

We offer various packages to suit any South Australian home, so you can choose a solar solution that matches your energy consumption patterns and budget. Call SouthAus Solar on 1300 70 71 72 to see how we can help reduce your energy bills.